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    Spokeswoman Productions- “thinking creatively”

    January 15th, 2007 by Spokeswoman

    If you visit the Docs in Progress website and read their most recent blog entry… and you scroll down to the very bottom, you’ll see a shout-out to Spokeswoman Productions. The blog is about “How to Find Funding For Your Documentary,” and it’s very informative (and perhaps a bit daunting!) They mention our Back in Bloomers endeavor as a way to think creatively when fundraising for documentaries. Thanks ladies!

    If you’re in the DC-area, we highly recommend that you check out the next Docs in Progress Workshop. It’s on January 30, 2007 at 7 pm, at The Jack Morton Auditorium, in the Media and Public Affairs Building at George Washington University (805 21st Street, NW Washington DC).

    The featured films will be:

    From growing up dirt-poor in a small Southern town to working the mean streets of Washington DC, Tom Lewis had left no stone unturned looking for redemption. He eventually finds it “fishing in the rivers of the mind.”

    STILL CALLING by Steven Holloway (16 minutes)
    In an accelerated mass media age, is it still possible to stop and reflect deeply about the world? Artists in a variety of disciplines share how they have found meaning in their creations. This visual meditation considers the questions, “What is beauty? What is faith? What is art?”

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