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    “The New Woman” Trailer Shines at the Boston Bike Film Festival

    October 22nd, 2006 by Spokeswoman


    With our newly revamped trailer (a fun-filled 2 1/2 minutes longer than the one that is currently on our website) Spokeswoman Productions traveled to Boston for our Northeast Premiere. The Boston Bike Film Festival normally screens only finished films. However, last August, after reading about our documentary in the Boston Globe, they invited us to screen our trailer as a “special screening.” As such, it showed during both nights of the festival, and it was very well received.

    The festival’s other entries really ran the gamut of what can be classified as a cycling-related film. There was a documentary about cycling in Holland (very cool!), a Smithsonian Education film about kids who race in freaky-looking covered bikes (scary, but cool!), and a doc about efforts in New Orleans to re-circulate bikes to the remaining residents.

    A reporter from NPR’s “Only a Game” was there and, while she interviewed us for a few minutes, she only mentioned our film in name :-( But here’s the story if you care to listen.

    The following day, we joined Peter Zheutlin at the Needham Public Library for a lecture on Annie. Peter did the talking (and a great job he did!) while we showed the trailer.

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